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Why would a mother kill her child?

andreayatesyateswithchildren-husbandWho knows why a mother would kill her child? For those of us who can’t conceive of harming our children, the idea that anyone could not only conceive of harming theirs, but actually execute the act of murdering their own child, is simply intolerable.

The report out of Orlando Florida surrounding the human remains that were found less than a mile from the home of little Caylee Anthony’s grandparents, is that the hair, size and age of the remains are a match for Caylee- the little girl who went missing back in June. Investigators are said to be proceeding as if the remains are in fact those of Caylee Anthony.

None of us really expected Caylee to be found alive, but some of us were still holding out hope anyway, especially those of us who want to believe in the good of every man, woman and child on the planet; those of us who didn’t/don’t want to believe  a mother would kill her child and then try to get away with it.

Unfortunately, mothers do kill their children. Some have claimed they did it to save the children from doom  (Andrea Yates), others have been accused of doing it because the children were complicating their love lives (Susan Smith, Diane Downs), and others likeDena Schlosser said they did it to offer a sacrifice to God. We might not be able to imagine how, and the why never makes us nod and say, “oh, well now I understand”; but whether we can imagine how or understand why, there have been many children killed by their mothers throughout history.

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