La Violencia contra los Niños

“Tengo siete años”

Diario de una criatura no nacida.

Vídeos de maltrato infantil

Buen provecho niñitos.....


Shrii Prahbat R. Sarkar 

Humanity is bleeding

"Yours should be a glorious march towards the Supreme Goal, and you should remember that you are not to pause a moment during this movement. The entire human society is anxiously waiting for you, for your service. You will have to shoulder a great responsibility for this suffering humanity. You know that humanity is bleeding, and you will have to save it. You should remember that if you do not help humanity, who else will come and shoulder the responsibility? It is you, you are to do everything. You are the torch bearers of human civilization. You are the pioneers of the human march, you are the vanguards of the new civilization."

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